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Posted by Lauren Spencer on Monday, May 25th, 2009 at 6:01am.

Few things can derail your plans to sell your Santa Cruz home like failing a home inspection.  Most states require that a home inspection be completed and turned over to the buyer before the contract is finalized.

To prepare for your Santa Cruz home inspection, you’ll want to thoroughly clean your home.  It’s also a good idea to examine all the appliances to make sure they're in good working condition.

What Will the Inspector Do?

You may be surprised to learn that the inspector will turn on the stove and test the dishwasher and garbage disposal.  They'll make sure the furnace and air conditioning systems work.  You’ll want to clear out the area around the furnace and hot water heater because the inspector will need a few feet of space towork in.

If you plan to leave the Santa Cruz home before selling it, be sure to leave the pilot lights lit for the inspection.  Most of the inspectors will not re-light pilot lights because of insurance regulations.  This can delay the completion of the inspection and cause the loan process to take longer.

The inspector will test the water pressure by flushing the toilets and turning on all the faucets.  This process can reveal leaks or clogs in the system.

It will be easier for the inspector if you aren’t in the house at the time.  Try to arrange to be out of the house for the inspection, and take your pets with you.  Pets can be an unnecessary distraction to the inspector.

What's Next?

Hopefully your home passed inspection with no problem.  If you get a repair request from the inspector, don’t worry.  You aren’t obligated to make the repairs unless it’s stated in the contract.  However, you run the risk of the contract being canceled if you refuse to make reasonable repairs.

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