Picking the Lighting for Your Newly Constructed Santa Cruz Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Friday, April 24th, 2009 at 7:01am.

When buying a newly constructed Santa Cruz home, you have a chance to decide what type of lighting to use.  If you don't know about lighting styles and uses, or want to learn more, read these lighting guidelines.

Types of lighting
• Ceiling lights are generally used in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms – large areas.  One type of ceiling light is called a can, or recessed light, and is set into the ceiling to provide extra lighting when necessary.

• Track lights give a spotlight look, and focus light on a specific area of a room.  You can use these to highlight artwork on walls and pedestals, or above fireplaces.  Track lighting gives any room a more contemporary feel.

• Fluorescent lights add a lot of light without a lot of heat.  This type of lighting is good for workspaces like kitchens and garages.

• Floor lamps and table lamps add a warm glow to a living room or bedroom, or add a concentrated beam of light, depending on which type you choose.

Lighting tips
With a newly constructed Santa Cruz home, the lighting you choose should depend on the style and purpose of the room: 

For the living room, wall sconces and lamp light bring a warm, inviting glow.  Though you can use a ceiling fixture, most cast harsh light throughout the room – perfect for when you want to find something, not so perfect when trying to relax.

The kitchen is more suited to ceiling fixtures, can lights and fluorescent lights.  However, pay attention to the light bulbs you use, as some can color the food.  "Natural light" bulbs, for instance, make it hard to tell when meat is cooked.  Yellow lighting can make food look like it has gone bad.

In the dining room, chandeliers add elegance if you have high enough ceilings.  Another idea is four smaller hanging lights, one in each corner.  You can also use light ropes running around the top of the walls for a private, candle light feel.

Being able to choose your lighting is one of the best things about buying a newly constructed Santa Cruz home.  Ultimately, choose the lightning that fits your style – never mind what the experts say!

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Recessed light

Wall sconces


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