Moving Your Pets to Their New Santa Cruz Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 at 1:01am.

You just bought a new Santa Cruz home and are preparing to make the move. Your house is packed, you’ve picked out the perfect paint colors and you’ve arranged for the family’s travel — but you forgot about Fido and Mr. Fuzzyworth.

While animals can’t voice their excitement or anxiety about moving like your children can, pets go through similar emotions when they’re removed from their familiar environment and introduced to a new one. You can make their move as painless as possible, with just a little bit of planning and consideration.

• Make sure your pets have ID. Whether there’s a mix-up at the airport or they give you the slip at a gas station pit stop, a current collar ID tag will hopefully have your furry friend back in your arms in no time. For even more security, you could take the extra step to have them micro-chipped.

• Update their vaccines. Check all their records and schedule an appointment with your veterinarian if anything is lacking. Then make sure you have copies of all the inoculations; you’ll need them if you’re flying and for your new vet.

• Contact your airline. If flying with your pet, call to check on fees, carrier regulations and stipulations. You don’t want to have any issues when you arrive for your flight.

• Get in touch with your new city’s animal control. You’ll want to educate yourself on any licensing fees, leash laws or fencing restrictions.

• Put together a travel kit. Pack their toys, bedding, treats and food. The idea is to surround them with familiar objects to provide them with a little bit of comfort. Also, you don’t want to feed them a new brand of food that could upset their stomach.

Don’t overlook your pets’ needs when it comes to the big move. Set aside a little time for them and they’ll soon feel integrated and comfortable in their new Santa Cruz home.

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