Is Your Santa Cruz Home for Sale a Victim of DIY Remodeling?

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 at 11:01pm.

Has your Santa Cruz home for sale been victimized by DIY remodeling projects? Did they not quite turn out like you thought they would? You aren’t alone; I’ve walked into houses with cabinets hanging at a slant and the owner proudly telling me they did it themselves.

Leave it to a pro.
Not everybody can be a remodeler. Not everybody is handy at everything. For instance, I can change the oil on my car, but I leave engine overhauls to the professionals.  Why? Because that’s what they do, and they do it well.

Now, many people choose to do remodeling themselves because they think it’s cheaper – and it often is when done right. However, knowledge is power. It’d be cheaper for me to do my own engine overhaul, too, but I’ve never done it before and don’t know how. I’m not going to start learning on my own car, either.

Consider the quality.
If you’re considering a major remodeling project to add value to your Santa Cruz home for sale, I strongly recommend hiring a professional remodeler. I especially recommend this if you don’t know anything about plumbing, wiring or building standards. Keep in mind that your house will have to pass inspection. If your remodeling project doesn’t stand up to building codes, it won’t pass inspection.

As well, when you remodel to add value in order to sell, quality is of utmost importance. The first DIY project you do very seldom ends up looking right, and – although you may be understandably proud of sloping countertops or unevenly stained molding because you did it yourself – it won’t help sell your home.

Start small.
If you’re remodeling and you plan to stay in your home, I strongly suggest – if you must DIY – that you start small. Here’s a hint: expanding your bathroom or kitchen isn’t considered a small project. A small project is like fixing a squeaky stairway or replacing a door.

DIY sites like This Old House and Do It Yourself make big projects look easy, I know. However, if you want to, say, strip your wooden kitchen cabinets, try starting with a piece of furniture. Go buy a cheap wooden chair from a flea market and see how it turns out first.

Whether you’re remodeling to get more value from your Santa Cruz home for sale or just to make it a more comfortable space to live, I implore you – your home implores you – at least think about a professional. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your home may end up as just another victim of random DIY.

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