Is Downsizing the Next Big Trend in Santa Cruz Homes?

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 1:01am.

The real estate market has started to recover from the downturn over the last few years, and more people are thinking about buying a place to live. An interesting trend seems to be developing. Instead of going for larger homes, many people are choosing micro-dwellings. Densely populated areas such as San Francisco and New York City are planning apartments that have approximately 300 square feet of living space!

Think this shrinking of real estate space applies only to multi-family dwellings? Think again. You can also find tiny single-family homes — some of which are even portable. If you’re still not convinced, read on to discover many of the factors drawing buyers to a smaller living space.

• A lower price tag - The cost of these Santa Cruz homes is significantly less than that of standard homes, which means you don’t have a huge mortgage over your head for the next 30 years.
• More free time - A smaller house means less cleaning. Who isn’t on board with that idea?
• Less clutter - If your home is less than 500 square feet, you have to get rid of everything you don’t absolutely need.
• Mobility - Many of these tiny homes are equipped with wheels or built-on trailers, so moving is no longer the stressful and expensive undertaking it used to be. Simply close the door and go!
• Smaller is greener - It makes sense that if your Santa Cruz home is smaller, you will automatically reduce your energy consumption, which means more money in your pocket every month and a smaller carbon footprint.

Micro-living might not be for everyone, but it does offer an option for those who are just starting out and cannot afford the high prices of real estate in many areas. Also, it’s an attractive option for those who love to travel or are nearing retirement.

Even if you don’t opt for the smallest living space, reducing energy usage and saving money are ideas you can definitely take to the bank.

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