How To Spot The Perfect Retirement Property

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 at 8:17am.

After years in the workforce, it’s finally time to step into retirement and enjoy life. Retiring is an exciting life transition. As you finally begin to properly relax, there are many decisions to be made on how to enjoy these golden years. Once the kids have gone their ways and the home becomes more than what they need, many retirees choose to relocate or move to a new home better suited for retired individuals.

While shopping for a retirement house or condo, there are many things you need to consider. Of course, there are the logistical considerations such as the price and mortgage, but there are also other choices that will have a direct impact on you'll enjoy your retirement.

Here are several things to look for in a retirement home:

Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re looking to relocate to a new city or stay in the same general area, retirees need to make sure the location of their new home is right for them. Some things to consider are proximity to grocery stores and amenities since you’ll have more time to enjoy them as a retired person as well as whether or not there is healthcare readily available. As we begin to age, we tend to require more attention from doctors and healthcare specialists.

It’s also a good idea to consider your interests and needs. Are you an avid golfer? You may want to want to relocate closer to a golf course. Do you prefer fishing or boating? A waterfront property may be more suitable.

How Will You Get Around?

Transportation is another key consideration when choosing a retirement property. Although you may feel comfortable behind the wheel right now, chances are when you get to be 80 or 90 years old, you may not want to drive as often. Choosing a property with clean and reliable public transportation is key for the future.

Which Type of Property is Best?

For retirees, simplicity is key. One-story, open-concept bungalows are a popular choice because they are easy to maintain, do not contain many stairs to navigate, and are relatively inexpensive in terms of utilities. These properties often come with modern fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom, one or two spare bedrooms for guests and a light, airy ambiance that is ideal for enjoying your golden years.

When choosing a property, you should also consider the outdoor property as well. Is there a large yard that will require extensive maintenance? For retirees, it’s a good idea to choose a property with as little maintenance as possible. You’ll want to enjoy life rather than spend your days mowing grass and pulling weeds.

Consider Bathroom Safety

Another thing to consider before investing in a retirement home is looking at the bathrooms. Did you know that the bathroom is the most common room to experience a household accident? Take a look at the bathroom of your potential new home and make sure the bathroom either has safety provisions already installed or has the space to install your own grab bars and other safety features.

Whether you’re looking to relocate, downsize, or simply make a change in your living space as you transition into retirement, the experts at Santa Cruz Real Estate can help. Call 800-226-4717 today and speak with one of our experienced agents.

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