How to Resolve a Conflict with Your Santa Cruz Homeowners’ Association

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 at 11:01pm.

Fifty-five million Americans live in developments overseen by Homeowners’ Associations.  HOAs can sometimes strike fear in the hearts of Santa Cruz homeowners, especially owners who have violated the rules and regulations established by the HOAs.

Although you may not purposely violate an HOA policy, at some point, you may find yourself in that situation. Here are some tips on how to resolve a conflict with your Santa Cruz Homeowners’ Association.

• Start right away.  Conflict rarely gets better with time.  Resolution is most easily achieved early on.  As soon as you’re aware there’s a problem, contact your HOA.

• Be polite. A little politeness goes a long way. Refrain from using foul language or insulting the HOA members. State your case clearly and ask for their help. Let them know that you need their assistance as a community member.

• Admit your mistake. If you violated a rule established by your Santa Cruz Homeowners’ Association, you are not going to help your case by arguing that you did nothing wrong. Be open and explain how it happened.  Perhaps it was a careless oversight or a rule that you were unaware of. People are more likely to help someone who is willing to admit they’re wrong than someone who argues they’re right.

• Stay away from the courtroom. Whenever possible, try to resolve conflicts outside the courtroom. If you decide to sue your HOA, you will need indisputable evidence that the HOA did something wrong. You always stand the chance of losing your case and being charged with your legal fees and the HOA’s legal fees and costs. Paying the HOA’s fine is almost always a much cheaper solution.

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