How to Deal with Problem Neighbors Near Your Santa Cruz Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 11:01pm.

We’ve all had to deal with problem neighbors near our Santa Cruz homes.  The trouble might be a loud late night party or a dog that is always barking at odd hours.  It can be hard to fix the problem without causing a lasting rift in the neighborhood.  Here are a few tips for getting a peaceful resolution:

Bring it Up Gently

It may be that your neighbor doesn’t realize there is a problem.  Try to wait a day or two after the problem occurs and tactfully bring up the trouble you are having.  Be sure to speak in a calm and reasonable manner. 

If your partying neighbor is not receptive to making a complete change, suggest that they let you know ahead of time when a party is scheduled.  Sometimes being able to plan for a disruption can make it easier to bear.

A dog that barks at all the wrong times is harder to fix.  If you have a specific reason for needing the dog to be quiet, for instance, you work nights and need to be able to sleep in your Santa Cruz home during the day; a gentle reminder that the dog is barking excessively may do the trick.

Ask For Help

If you’ve talked with the problem neighbor nicely and are still getting nowhere, try recruiting others in the neighborhood to help solve the dilemma.  Sometimes it’s easier to get results when a group is asking for change.  The disapproval of the entire neighborhood isn’t something that most people are willing to risk.

Occasionally, there might be that stubborn person who simply refuses to be courteous to anyone nearby.  It may seem that you have no options left.  Before you give up hope, check with your homeowner’s association, they may have the ability to enforce a change that you cannot.

If at any time you feel that your neighbor is trying to force a confrontation, and may become dangerous, call the local police and ask for help.

Trying a few of these suggestions can be an easy and effective way to bring the peace back to your neighborhood.

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