How important are Photos when selling A Santa Cruz Home?

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Friday, November 23rd, 2012 at 1:01am.

The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is truer today than ever.  Homebuyers are more likely to begin their search for a new home on the Internet.  As a result, individuals who have a Santa Cruz home for sale will increase the possibility of a quick sale by giving buyers a wide range of photos capturing the best features of the home.  Poor quality photos may have a negative impact on the sale of a home.  Following is a list of some of the more inviting photos that can be taken when selling your home.

1. A photo of the front of the home – This acts as an open door inviting the homebuyer in.

a. When taking a photo, make sure that you’re advertising your home and not the neighbor’s car or other items that are not related to the sale of the home.  Cropping your photo can remove anything that is not related to the front of the home.

b. Make sure the lawn is properly trimmed and try to remove anything that indicates that the home is vacant.

2. Community amenities – If your Santa Cruz home is in a townhouse or condominium community, photos of surrounding amenities such as a pool, exercise room, or lawn will make your home more appealing.

3. Interior photographs – Interior photographs invite homebuyers into your home.  The rooms should be void of clutter.  Lights should be on and drapes should be open to allow light to enter.  Floral arrangements can make the rooms more appealing.

4. Timing is important – The difference between a pleasing photograph and a mediocre photograph can often be lighting and the time of day that the photo was taken.  According to Larry Lohrman (1), thirty minutes on either side of sunset is perfect when taking photos of the exterior of the home.

5. Virtual tours – Virtual tours will often give the best impression because it will show a home or room from all angles. Adding a narrative of all of the Santa Cruz home amenities will enhance the virtual tour experience.

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