How Do I Update My Santa Cruz Home to Make It Greener?

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Sunday, December 27th, 2009 at 1:27pm.

There are many different ways to update your Santa Cruz home to make it more eco-friendly. 

• In your Santa Cruz home, install ceiling fans and thermal windows.  Ceiling fans are low energy, cost effective ways of cooling your home without using the air conditioning.  Thermal windows offer insulation from outside heat and cold. 

• Use foam caulking around any cable lines or cords leading to an exterior wall.  This will provide insulation against temperature changes.

• In the winter (or in climates that are cool year round), use the natural sunlight during the day.  Opening the drapes and allowing the sun to come in decreases the amount of energy needed to light and heat your home.  Closing the drapes at night adds another layer of insulation against temperature changes.

• Installing motion sensors on your light fixtures may help to decrease energy usage as well.  The lights will shut off automatically when not in use. 

• Use a power strip that has an on/off switch.  These power strips can be used for video games, stereos, DVD players, and other items that are not in use on a constant basis.  Turning off the switch when they are not in use saves energy. 

As a National Association of Realtor's Green Designee, I have become a residential real estate professional advocating education and the adoption of green real estate principles. As buyers and sellers continue to address issues of energy efficiency and smart building practices, the market will continue to evolve and green properties will become increasingly prevalent. The Green Designation sets me apart showing I am committed to the growing and positive force behind the green building movement.

If you'd like to buy an eco-friendly home, I can help.  Call me at 831.662.6522, or email me at for more information.



Thermal windows

Foam caulking

Motion sensors


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