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With the many auctions here and throughout the U.S., you may be wondering if it’s worth buying Santa Cruz real estate this way. Auctions let you bid at a public sale.  Some property is being sold by the owner, but most properties are foreclosures being sold by banks.

Like any endeavor, there are pros and cons in buying Santa Cruz real estate at an auction. For instance, a pro for auctions might be the price; you can often get great discounts on nice homes through an auction. However, you may get caught up in the fervor of the bidding process and pay more for a home than you ever intended.

The Condition of the Home may be Questionable 
When you work with a real estate agent to buy a home in the traditional manner, you go through the home inspection

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One of the side effects of living in your Santa Cruz home is the traffic your driveway sees.  Your cars and the cars of your friends and family may be leaving behind evidence they were there in the form of oil stains.  Not only are oil stains an eyesore, they are notoriously difficult to remove. 

Here are a few suggestions that will have the driveway of your Santa Cruz home sparkling again:

• Soak up any oil left standing on the driveway.  Most people use a fine gravel cat litter or sawdust.  You can use baking soda, flour or any other absorbent material that you have on hand.  Whichever material you choose, needs to be left on the stains for a couple of hours to absorb the excess.

• Wash the stain.  Use dishwashing soap on the area first.  If the

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Are you buying Santa Cruz real estate chiefly as an investment or as your primary residence? Does it need a little updating or a big overhaul? When you consider that buying Santa Cruz real estate is a major purchase, no matter what the reason, it’s always a good idea to look at the potential pros and cons.

Pros of Buying a Fixer Upper

Location – The fixer upper you’re considering could be in a great neighborhood. It might even be on the best street. But, because it needs work, you could get a home in a location you might otherwise not be able to afford.

Cost – It’s almost always cheaper to buy something broken than to buy something that works. Well, the same can be true for any kind of real estate investment. Buying a fixer upper may be a good

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Has your Santa Cruz home for sale been victimized by DIY remodeling projects? Did they not quite turn out like you thought they would? You aren’t alone; I’ve walked into houses with cabinets hanging at a slant and the owner proudly telling me they did it themselves.

Leave it to a pro.
Not everybody can be a remodeler. Not everybody is handy at everything. For instance, I can change the oil on my car, but I leave engine overhauls to the professionals.  Why? Because that’s what they do, and they do it well.

Now, many people choose to do remodeling themselves because they think it’s cheaper – and it often is when done right. However, knowledge is power. It’d be cheaper for me to do my own engine overhaul, too, but I’ve never done it before and don’t know

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It's true.  There are a lot of parallels between buying a piece of Santa Cruz real estate and running a marathon.

The Starting Line

At first, there is excitement. The idea of buying a new home pulses in your veins and you can't wait to get started.  You're like a runner in the blocks just itching to begin. Your muscles twitch in anticipation with every piece of Santa Cruz real estate you see. That's when the real adrenaline rush kicks in.

Start Out Slowly

Keep to a steady, consistent pace and you’ll make it to the finish line.  There's so much to do before you can get your Santa Cruz real estate. Home appraisals, inspections and financing to apply for…
You start to think about all the 'what ifs,' like what if you don't get the financing, what if

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While those who own Santa Cruz homes for sale are worried about the real estate market, some buyers are getting good deals. However, there are plenty of people on both sides of the market with a case of cold feet.

For instance, some with Santa Cruz homes for sale took them off the market. Others, who’ve thought of selling, haven’t.

The same can be said for buyers. Many potential homebuyers change their minds or still worry over that age-old question of, “Should I or shouldn’t I?”

Two Cases of Cold Feet
A 26-year old with a steady job, good paycheck and good credit, sums it up for many potential buyers. “My job’s steady and my credit is good.  I keep watching the houses that go up for sale, thinking I could go ahead and buy, but then the ‘what if’s’

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Selling a home is sometimes a long process. You can sit around worrying and wondering when you’ll have a buyer, or you can get busy to help the time fly.  Here are 10 things to do while waiting for your Santa Cruz home to sell:

1. Clean. I’m sure you’ve already cleaned every part of your Santa Cruz home to prepare it for sale. Make a game of it this time.  Time yourself to see how fast you can clean one room or one drawer.  Or, take out every type of cleaner you have and use it in each room.

2. Plant a container garden. The best part of a container garden is that you can take it with you. Plant some herbs or easy to grow vegetable plants, like tomatoes or cucumbers.

3. Sort through your magazines. Now you have the time to read all those magazine

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There are many Santa Cruz homes currently for sale.  An obvious question you must ask yourself in today’s market is how to make your home stand out.   

Whether you’re a real estate investor wanting to flip several Santa Cruz homes or a homeowner selling your current home, one of the top ways to increase your home’s value is remodeling the kitchen.  The kitchen is the central meeting place of the American family and people want it to be modern and up to date.

Do a Price Comparison among Santa Cruz Homes

Your renovation budget is one of the primary concerns to take into account before you begin.  The current value of your home, as compared to other homes in your neighborhood, is one way to determine how much you should spend on your kitchen renovation.

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Many people have trouble relaxing, even in their Santa Cruz homes.  Why?  Frequently, it’s because of too much visual stimuli such as unfinished projects, knickknacks and clutter.

You may think the answer to being able to relax is to move into a “better” home.  However, what usually happens is that you move your unfinished projects and clutter with you.  Instead, if you take the time to get organized, you may find – like many owners who have backed out of a sale – that you don’t need to move, you just need to re-organize.

Take a moment from your busy, stressful life to read these tips and discover how you can improve and de-stress your personal castle:

1. Add money to your wallet. Unwanted or unused items can be turned into cash. eBay and Craigslist

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You may just be targeting the wrong market. Young families, Gen-Xers and 30-somethings tend to want to move into a Santa Cruz home with high technology: expensive items like home theatres or home automation. Older buyers, however, have a frugal mindset, are often on a fixed income, and have a different set of requirements for their potential Santa Cruz home.

Why would you want to market to older buyers? Several reasons, but the main reason is the size of this market, especially the size of the baby boomer generation.

The Population Reference Bureau reports that there were 76 million births during the 19 years covering the baby boomer generation.  A large percentage of these baby boomers, who are now between the ages of 46 and 64, are looking or soon

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