Guidelines for a Successful Negotiation of Your Santa Cruz Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 at 1:01am.

Every homebuyer or seller will want to get a good bargain in the housing market.  Negotiating for a Santa Cruz home is not easy at all because all the parties involved, whether it is the buyer, seller, agent, the attorney, property inspector, and others will want to be favoured by the transaction.  In order to make some gain from the transaction, you need to have a strong bargaining position.  Here are some negotiating tips that you should apply.

Consider the market

Sometimes, the market may favor the buyer, and other times it may favor the seller.  Though there are some trends that are general in the real estate market, certain situations may give one party an advantage over the other.  For example, if your property is located in a good location and the demand for homes is high, you can take advantage of that and potentially make a good bargain.  In other words, it is necessary that you find out when the market is on your side and then take advantage of that.

Consider the details of the deals

Two Santa Cruz homes may look alike and have the same features but there may be differences in their total cost.  The details of the deal can affect the cost of a home.  For example, a seller may agree to put some of the features of a home in order before selling while another seller may sell without consenting to such arrangements.  Therefore, when you are negotiating for a home, it is important that you consider the details of the home.

Find out how the Santa Cruz home buyer will get financed

It is important that you consider how the buyer will finance the buying of the home.  Has the buyer’s mortgage application been approved?  Or, has he just applied for the loan?  There is no guarantee that every mortgage application will be approved.

How many potential buyers are looking?

The home seller will be at an advantage if more buyers are doing walkthroughs through the home, but the opposite will be the case if few buyers are looking.  Santa Cruz homes are more expensive if many potential buyers are pricing them.

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Consider the market

Consider the details of the deals

Find out how the homebuyer will get financed


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