Does Your Santa Cruz Home Need Better Windows?

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Saturday, September 19th, 2009 at 2:17pm.

Not too long ago, if you needed windows for your Santa Cruz home, you got a piece of glass surrounded by wood and that was it.  All you had to think about was the size and shape.  Now there are more types than you can imagine, from single pane to triple pane, leaded glass to tempered glass.  Here’s a little clarity on a few of the most popular:

One, Two and Three Pane Windows

A “pane” is a single sheet of glass.  In two and three pane windows, there is a gap between the panes filled with an insulating nontoxic gas or air.  The more panes, the better insulation, which is the biggest reason homeowners buy the double or triple pane windows.  Single pane windows don’t have much to say for them anymore, except that they’re cheap.

Low “e” Windows

Having low “e”, or low emittance windows in your Santa Cruz home does even more for your heating and cooling costs than simple double or triple panes.  They’re considered the best energy efficient windows on the market.  Although they let in a lot of light, they have the benefit of blocking out a lot of heat.  Your heater doesn’t have to work overtime keeping your house warm, and the air conditioner doesn’t burn out keeping your house cool.  From now through 2010, you can also get up to $1500 in a Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency when you purchase qualifying energy efficient windows.

Tempered/ Acrylic Glass

Car windows are one of the most common uses for tempered glass.  Tempered glass doesn’t shatter if it’s broken; it breaks into oval bits instead of shards.  If you have kids, this is a great type of window to have because the chances of serious accidents are greatly minimized.

Choosing the right windows should have everything to do with the particular needs of your family.  High energy bills might be a good reason to buy low “e” windows, while tempered glass is better for energetic kids and pets.  If you’re buying windows for your Santa Cruz home, make sure you do a little research to get the best results for your money.

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