Decorating your Santa Cruz home for Thanksgiving

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Sunday, November 11th, 2012 at 1:01am.

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to gather in your Santa Cruz home and laugh about the days past.  It doesn’t matter if you are overlooking the ocean or nestled deep in the mountains.  You can achieve that homey feeling that we all love and look forward to when the holidays come around.  Below I have listed some ways for you to create that homey feeling in very little time at all!

• Hanging fall wreathes on the door is the first step to inviting friends and loved ones into your Santa Cruz home.  It gives that warm welcoming invite was they are walking up.

• Simmer Oranges and Cinnamon in a pot on the kitchen stove.  The aromatic smells add a nice comforting smell to your Santa Cruz home.

• Hang colorful children’s artwork threw out your Santa Cruz home.  Original artwork gives a very welcoming feel to any home.

• Dress up your kitchen!  Consider purchasing a set of decorative tableware.  Even if you choose to go with paper and not have the bigger burden of clean up.  Choose matching sets in warm colors to accent the holiday Spirit

• Add flowers, fall flowers are gorgeous and inexpensive.  Add them to the entryway, bathroom or even as a coffee table of your living room.  This gives everyone something to enjoy as well as dressing up your Santa Cruz home.

• Consider having your children help decorate for your thanksgiving holiday.  This often offers them a place to fit in and feel special about the holiday season.  Give them a chance to dress up the refrigerator or decorate your living room windows.  Then they too can brag about what they have done!

Remember all of these things can be done very inexpensively to you and add many laughs and memories to your family’s Thanksgiving.  Make it one for all to remember.

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Fall Wreathes


Simmer Oranges and Cinnamon


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