Checklist for Buying Santa Cruz Homes

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Sunday, October 10th, 2010 at 11:01pm.

Searching for the right home takes time and patience. Before you start looking at Santa Cruz homes on the market, you need to know exactly what you want in your new home.

Create a list of the features you want in your new home, so you make the most of your time by looking only at Santa Cruz homes that meet your criteria. Here is a quick guide to help you create a checklist:

1. Must Have. These are deal breakers; features that you cannot live without. Do you need a certain number of bedrooms? Do you work from home and need an office, or maybe even an outside entrance to your home office? Perhaps you have small children or large dogs and need a fenced yard. Decide now what you must have in your new home.

2. Like to Have. Features you would “like to have” are those you prefer but are willing to sacrifice if the home is perfect otherwise. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having your own swimming pool or cathedral ceilings or an oversized garage. Include on this list whatever you would like to have in your new home, as long as it doesn’t take away something from the “must have” list or go over your price range for Santa Cruz homes.

3. Can live without. Some features just aren’t as important as others. Knowing what you don’t really care about can help you stay focused on what really matters to you. Add to this list home features that aren’t important. If no one in your home ever takes a bath, you may not care if you have a whirlpool tub. Perhaps you don’t really want to take care of an oversized yard, so lot size many not be important to you.

Once you have your checklist compiled, share it with your real estate agent.  It’ll speed up your home buying process, reduce time and frustration and get you in a home you’ll adore.

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Swimming pool

Cathedral Ceilings

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