Buyer’s Market? Santa Cruz Real Estate Agents to the Rescue

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 11:01pm.

“Buyer’s market” means that the buyers have the upper hand; there’s more supply than demand. When it comes to selling your home, it’s safe to say that you’re competing in one of recent history’s toughest real estate markets.  This is a true buyer’s market, where supply far outweighs demand. So how do you go about selling your home in these conditions?

Interview Santa Cruz  Real Estate Agents
Don’t pick an agent based on looks. An agent who drives an expensive car may very well just be someone who lives beyond his or her means. Instead, create a list of the top Santa Cruz  real estate agents in the area and interview them. Ask:

• About their experiences in selling homes in your area this year and last year – not in years gone by
• What they’d recommend to make your home more marketable
• How they would market your home

If, after interviewing, there is more than one with excellent experience and great marketing plans, choose the one you feel most comfortable working with.

Fix it up
While interviewing, Santa Cruz  real estate agents will look at your home (otherwise, how could they answer two of your questions?). They may tell you that your home is out of date. They may tell you that the cracks in the wall don’t “add character” to the house. No, neither does the wild 70’s style carpeting in the living room.

You might even take an extra step and hire a home inspector to get a better idea of any issues.

Then, build a list of needed home improvements – and then improve. If you need to hire a contractor, again, interview!

Set a good price
These days, most buyers want the deals, and some are willing to compromise on interior decorating in order to get them. Sit down with your agent; find a high and a low selling price. Set the best price you can afford based on what homes are going for in the area, and be willing to negotiate.

The worst things you could do are hire a poor agent, leave your home repairs up to the buyer and overprice your home. Follow the three simple tips above and you’ll get your “Sold!” sign!

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Make your home more marketable

Hire a home inspector

Be willing to negotiate


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