Autumn Curb Appeal for Your Santa Cruz Real Estate, Not Just For the Rich and Famous

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Friday, October 12th, 2012 at 1:01am.

It’s easy to make your Santa Cruz real estate look great in the spring and summer, but autumn lawn care and curb appeal is just as important. By taking the following steps, your property will be just as appealing to prospective buyers during the fall and winter as it would be during spring and summer:

1. Rake and dispose of leaves and pine needles. A yard that needs leaf removal can cost a seller. Leaving a mess of leaves that need to be raked can make a buyer think the house needs work, whether it does or does not.

2. Consider planting ornamental kale and cabbage in containers. Ornamental varieties from the cabbage family will add color and withstand the chills of winter.

3. Clean out the gutters. Clean, leaf-free gutters tell potential buyers that you’ve kept up with the maintenance on your Santa Cruz real estate.

4. Keep decks and patios in good repair. Treat the wood, wash down the deck, repair any loose boards or hand rails. Spray-wash any moss or algae that might be growing due to wet weather.

5. Add adequate lighting. Many prospective buyers meet their Santa Cruz real estate agent after work for home tours. It is helpful to install solar walkway lights to illuminate paths and the driveway.  Also turn on outside lights and consider adding a few temporary spot lights to focus on the home’s architecture or landscaping.

6. Set out your patio or garden furniture during fall and winter months. Keep them clean and inviting. The buyer will look at the back deck or patio and quickly see it is a place to be enjoyed.

7. Make the front door the focal point. Hang a large wreath that showcases the striking colors of autumn like browns, golds, oranges and reds. Buy one or make your own with dried or fresh autumn leaves, berries and pine cones.

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Planting ornamental kale and cabbage

Clean out the gutters

Keep decks and patios in good repair



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