Are You Protected for the Move to Your New Santa Cruz Home?

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 at 7:17am.

There are many items you own that never move from the spot you placed them when you brought them home. Some of these objects are very large like televisions or cabinets. Other belongings are lighter but extremely delicate. Valuable items can either be very expensive or just full of sentimental value. How do you protect them from possible damage or loss during a move to your new Santa Cruz home?

• Beg, borrow, or buy bubble wrap. It protects your valuables better than just paper. However, when paper will do, go to news outlets and ask for old papers you can get either at a great discount or for free for wrapping.

• Use old carpet or moving pads to protect your furniture. Even if items are unlikely to break outside of a catastrophe, they can still get scuffed or bruised. Padding protects your wood furniture from dings and your cloth furnishings from tears or rips.

• Get Insured. Yes, you can get moving insurance, and if you have valuables you can't afford to replace, it is well worth the expense. With many televisions costing upwards of a thousand dollars a piece, it's a good idea to make sure that if the unspeakable does happen you can replace them.  While some things can't be replaced, at least you won't be without both the item and the money it was worth if you have your things insured. Accidents happen whether you hire professionals or move your possessions yourself.  So, having insurance is the smart way to go when moving to your new Santa Cruz home.

Don't forget to protect your most valuable possession—yourself. When moving heavy objects, use care and lift properly to avoid hurting your back or pulling muscles. Keep small children out of the way of traffic.  Board your pets, or get a friend to pet sit, to ensure their safety on a hectic moving day.

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