8 Important Things To Do After Closing On A Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 at 1:51pm.

8 things to do after closing on a home

After much anticipation and excitement, you’ve finally closed on a home for your family – but now what should you do? Here are 10 important things you should do during your transition into your new abode.

Make Copies Of Important Documents & Store Them In A Safe Container

Have copies made of your home’s important legal documents and put them in a very safe place, like a safety deposit box at the bank. As much as you don’t want to think about fire, flood, earthquakes or otherwise, accidents do happen and you’ll thank yourself later for being proactive.

Change The Locks

Change the locks to your houseWho knows how many keys the previous owners had made that are floating around out there. Before moving into the home, change the locks as soon as you can. You can opt for traditional-style locks or switch it up with a modern, high-tech Smart Lock, which uses Bluetooth and your phone to unlock the door. 

Check The Utilities & Appliances

Hopefully you’ve had a home inspection done already, but it doesn’t hurt to have an industry professional come in to check on the appliances specifically to give them a quick service before you move in. You primarily just want to check your heating and cooling systems, which includes your heat pump, furnace, A/C, as well as your hot water tank.

Meet Your Neighbors!

Neighbors peering over their fenceGood neighbors are worth their weight in gold, so it’s a great idea to pop by and introduce yourselves as you’re moving in. They may or may not take the initiative to say hi first, but they’re definitely curious about you nonetheless. A good neighbor can keep a watchful eye on your home when you’re on vacation and take care of your plants while you’re away, and ask you to do the same for them in return. Plus, it’s always nice to see a friendly, familiar face when you’re leaving for work or just getting home.

Hire A Cleaning Crew

Someone’s definition of clean might be very different from yours, and the cost of hiring a cleaning service is very little when you consider the amount of time and added stress it would take for you to scrub from top-to-bottom.

Plan Work Ahead Of Time

If you’re planning to do some renovations on the home, no matter how big or small they are, it’s generally better to try and get them done before you move your stuff in. This way, you don’t have to worry about ruining any furniture or living in a construction zone. Even if it’s as simple as painting the walls or replacing the fixtures, it’s best to take advantage of the empty house while you can.

Download Apps To Help You Move In

When you first start moving boxes into your home, setting up your wireless router may or may not be a huge priority, so you should download any handy apps beforehand. You can find apps with a digital level, flashlight, and ruler just to name a few, which are great for positioning picture frames or wall cubes.

Unpack The Essentials First

You’re moving into a home where there’s absolutely nothing, so bring some of the essentials in a separate box to help get you through at least the first day. Include things like toilet paper, paper towel, snacks, drinks, and dish soap, and garbage bags.

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