5 Fourth of July Safety Tips for Santa Cruz Homes

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Friday, July 3rd, 2009 at 11:01pm.

The Fourth of July is an exciting – and delicious - time of year for owners of Santa Cruz homes.  There’s swimming, grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, and, of course, fireworks.  While the lights are pretty and it’s a blast to set them off, a moment of carelessness can ruin a good time.  Following this list of common – and not so common – safety tips will help ensure that you have a safe and happy July 4th.

1.  Get rid of the weeds around your house.  Although most Santa Cruz homes are well taken care of, a lot of them have a little bit of weed growth here and there.  Making sure the weeks are cut short (less than 3 inches) or destroyed will lower the risk of stray sparks setting them on fire.

2.  Water your roof and the ground around your house.  Stray bottle rockets and roman candles are the culprits of many a house fire.  If you hose down your roof and the ground around your house in a strip about three feet deep before the fireworks start going off, these mindless arsons won’t have a chance.

3.  Keep a bucket of water handy.  As a safety measure, a bucket of water close by can’t be beat.  Many a ground firework has had a stray spark left in it even after the light display is over.  Sprinkling a little water on them when they’re done can stop fires before they start, and lower the chance of little hands getting burned.

4.  No pointing.  Is there anyone who hasn’t enjoyed a Roman candle war?  Fun as it may be, pointing fireworks at each other is highly dangerous.  Point them toward the sky where they belong!

5.  Only light them once.  If you get a dud, consider it a spent firework and throw a little water on it.  Several people have lost fingers due to trying to relight a firework that didn’t explode the first time.
Practicing fireworks safety and a little bit of common sense can go a long way toward Santa Cruz homes surviving one of the most fire-filled days of the year.  Be safe, and have a happy Fourth of July!

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