4 Tips to Prevent Home Buyer's Remorse When Buying Santa Cruz Real Estate

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Sunday, June 21st, 2009 at 12:17pm.

Buying a home can be a life-changing experience. Whether it's your first piece of Santa Cruz real estate or your third, take some time to assess all the ups and downs that are part of such an expensive purchase. Here are a few tips to help prevent negative emotions such as buyer's remorse from getting you down:

1.  Do Your Research

One of the best ways to prevent home buyer's remorse is to conduct thorough research in the beginning. Know how much house you can afford. Consult a real estate professional and visit different neighborhoods. Check out school districts. Bottom line -- go over as many details as possible before putting down your hard-earned cash.

2.  Be Honest With Yourself

Although you may love that charming 1920s Santa Cruz real estate fix-upper located in a great neighborhood, do some soul searching and be honest with yourself. If you know in your heart that to make yourself happy you'd need to do a complete remodel project, maybe you should keep searching. The reality is that you could wind up taking on more than you really want to.

3.  Don't Look at Other Homes

Just like fashions, home designs can change over time. There will always be something newer, bigger, more contemporary – you name it! So if you continue to look at other homes long after you've made your purchase, you may never feel satisfied with your property.

4.  Stop Asking for Opinions

Everyone's situation is different, especially when it comes to homes and decorating styles. And remember, you didn't buy the home to please everyone else. You bought it to please yourself. So if you're happy with your purchase, don't concern yourself with everyone else's opinions. They will just make you doubt your choice.

Before you start feeling remorseful and questioning your home buying decision, remember to focus on your original list of wants and needs.  Remind yourself that you met the majority of your criteria when purchasing your Santa Cruz real estate.   Be content. You're living in your dream home.

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