3 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Trendy Santa Cruz Real Estate

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 at 8:22am.

If you have some Santa Cruz real estate to sell or you just want to raise the property value, keeping hip to the market trends is paramount.  Kitchens are one of the biggest selling points of any residential property.  Energy efficient and cost effective are the catchwords of the day, and recycled is the way to go.  Here are a few of the newest eco-friendly kitchen products that can find you buyers and up your property value.

1. EverHot – Made by Water, Inc., the EverHot is an excellent addition to trendy kitchens.  No more boiling water, which makes it energy efficient and timesaving, EverHot is an under counter instant hot water heater.  It uses less electricity than a 40-watt bulb, but produces up to 60 cups of steaming water an hour.

2. Whirlpool GS5VHAXWA – A refrigerator of amazing proportions, the Whirlpool is considered the most energy efficient of its type.  All sleek metal and beautiful lines, this Whirlpool model does everything other fridges do (including providing purified water and making ice) on less than 550 kilowatts a year.  Besides being energy efficient, it has the benefit of Whirlpools long history of excellent customer care.

3. Bosch Dishwashers – Energy Star rated and highly rated by Consumer Reports on a regular basis, Bosch dishwashers are the cleaning appliances to have in your Santa Cruz real estate.  Critics rave about how quiet they are, and the company is the only manufacturer that uses EcoSense technology.  Push a button and the dishwasher is preprogrammed for optimum time, energy and water efficiency.  You can’t get better than that.
When you’re planning to sell or renovate your Santa Cruz real estate, catch up with the trends, first.  Remember – green is the way to go!

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Eco-friendly kitchen products

Whirlpool GS5VHAXWA 

EcoSense technology

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