What Lauren's Clients say....

Below you can hear from some of the many home buyers and sellers I've had the privilege and pleasure of working with.

Bob & Doris Witte
"We have had a remarkable experience having Lauren Spencer as our realtor when selling our house during July-August, 2015. From the moment of her initial appearance, she displayed total competence, with all relevant data, including comps, at her fingertips. Every bit as important, she possesses a wonderfully soothing demeanor and earned our complete trust almost immediately. She astutely guided us through the numerous problems, both large and small, that accompany the selling of a house. We are delighted to give Lauren our enthusiastic endorsement; she is the kind of agent that we will recommend, with total confidence, to our friends and neighbors."
Amanda Bishop
"I recently moved in to my new home and I couldn't be happier with the result. Lauren took care of me from the first email to signing the paper at the end. I am a first time buyer and I was more than a little nervous about getting started.  Lauren listened to what I wanted and guided me through each step along the way.  She wanted me to find a house I love -- that fits me -- and wouldn't let me settle.  It didn't take very many visits before we found that house, which began the daunting process of offers, counter offers, and escrow.  Lauren masterfully managed all of it in a way that I wasn't scared or intimidated.  When I did freak out, she told me exactly what I needed to hear to keep moving forward.  I'm now living in the home I love thanks to Lauren."
Andy McSorley & Joy Fields
"Lauren is the consummate professional in every way. She is eminently knowledgeable about the marketplace, incredibly thorough and diligent at every step of the process, and genuinely caring and thoughtful during what can be a stressful experience for many people.

Lauren guided us through the sale of our home from start to finish and over-delivered by getting us multiple offers over asking price, within a week of listing on MLS! Lauren provided us with excellent guidance as we navigated the counter-offer process and made sure that our best interests were considered and protected. We strongly recommend Lauren to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the Santa Cruz area."
Pamela Kahn
"I recently sold the same house with Lauren that I purchased with her 6 1/2 years ago. The marketing, sale and level of professionalism from Lauren again exceeded my expectations. We received a great deal of interest and sold the house at a great price very quickly, which was exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you, Lauren, for again exceeding my real estate transaction expectations. I highly recommend Lauren as an agent to buyers and sellers, and would buy and/or sell a house with her again!"
Naomi Dauermann, Daniel & Jim Green
"Naomi: After our elderly mother passed last September, my brothers and I were faced with the daunting task of refurbishing her seriously outdated Aptos condo and selling it. We knew that one of us needed to oversee the many repairs and upgrades, new floors, fixtures and appliances that would make our property market ready and move it quickly. But who? And how? We lived hundreds of miles away and hundreds of miles apart! Then, we found Lauren Spencer! Her experience, connections, market savvy and sensitivity were a perfect match for us and our situation. While I was the official seller who handled bills and signatures, each sibling got to see and weigh in on proposed repairs and improvements as Lauren took the time to hear from all of us.
Daniel adds: Lauren is extremely familiar with the Aptos neighborhood and its comp values, and we couldn't have found anyone better networked with the services and subcontractors we needed to employ. I felt assured that for every dollar invested, we could see two, possibly three in return. Ultimately, that's exactly what happened!
From Jim: Lauren supervised a complete renovation of our mother's condo, which took a LOT of effort on her part. Lauren listened to our wishes to hold down costs and invested our money wisely and tastefully. She brought this home from 1980 to 2014 in less than a month! We found our buyer the first week the condo was listed -- before the first open house. I could not be more pleased.
We all agree that Lauren Spencer was the best realtor we could have chosen to conduct the restoration and selling process, all the way through to the close of escrow. Thanks so much, Lauren!"
Carol Ginsberg
"Lauren Spencer has been voted "Best..." for a good reason. When I decided to put my house on the market, I interviewed her and 2 others as well as considering a couple of friends' referrals. Lauren stood out among all of them for her ability to listen to questions, answer them in an understandable way, and then to set out the plan for how the selling process would go. I offered ideas, which were integrated into the plan. Lauren was always available when I texted (she'd offered that she'd be happy to communicate in the best way for me!). By the time the house went on the market, we already had a good idea of how the transaction would conclude...and it did. Lauren uses the same marketing media as many others but her photographer was a real artist and her advice that I followed worked successfully. I accepted one of the competing bids at the end of the first week on the market and the sale closed within another 3 weeks. Sure the house showed well but I believe the business end of it went smoothly due to Lauren's expertise. I strongly recommend you consider her when you are ready to sell your own home."