What Lauren's Clients say....

Below you can hear from some of the many home buyers and sellers I've had the privilege and pleasure of working with.

Gene & Anita Thomas
"We THANK YOU for everything!  You have given us the professional attention and dedication that is needed in your field (and wanted by a homeowner).  Your expertise and additional suggestions that you gave us, combined with our preparations, enabled our home to receive an offer within a month's time.  And we received our asking price!  You are outstanding.  We made the right choice when we asked you to represent us.  Thanks again!"
Augusta Anderson
"Thank you so much! I wanted you to know how much I appreciated both the support you gave me and the space I needed to go through this whole buying process. I am very blessed to have gotten to meet you and now include you in my life.
I feel that I have my house in large part to your diligence and effort. I could go on & on but I really just want you to know that you made something very hard palatable and I appreciate you and all your work."
Cris Carpenter, Open Door Locksmith
"Amazing!  Lauren is more together than any realtor I've seen.  She has books of recommendations from past clients.  She has an organized way of approaching a home that evaluates value carefully and thoughtfully for the best results.  No spur of the moment off-the-cuff guesses.  This is obviously not just a hobby for her.  She is well-organized, methodical, and knowledgeable about the market.  And it sure makes it easy with her being so nice!"
Mark & Debbie Lillo
"Thank YOU, Lauren, for a job well done.  You were very patient with us as we gradually lowered our expectations and did a very professional and thorough job.  We were in great hands and are, indeed, relieved to have the house sold and about to be enjoyed by excited new owners."
Sandy Clary
"As good as it gets.......!
I have been fortunate to have bought and sold a number of real estate properties over my adult life.  I first met Lauren when she was representing a buyer on a property that I was selling.  I was so impressed with her professionalism, and attention to detail, I called her when I was going to put a property up for sale.  This is a difficult market, and yet with her guidance, and marketing skills, we sold the property within 5 months.  She is now working with me on a new purchase, and it is moving as smoothly and quickly as I have come to expect from her.  Besides all this, she has a great smile, and is a pleasure to be around."
Myra Mahoney
"Are you wondering who to choose for your real estate agent?  I have just the answer for you: go with Lauren Spencer of Coldwell Banker.  Let me tell you why she’s the right choice. 
In 2005 when I was looking for a rental in Aptos I saw Lauren’s ad and called her, explaining I wasn’t interested in buying a property, but I was from Santa Clara County and didn’t know how to find a rental.  Lauren was very helpful and clearly a true real estate professional, taking the time to help me when I only wanted to locate a rental property.  I didn’t forget Lauren’s helpfulness or her professionalism.
This spring when I decided the time to buy a home was right I contacted Lauren.  I wanted her to be my realtor and never even considered another agent.  She did not disappoint me!  Lauren Spencer is a thorough, helpful, bright, competent professional who came through for every request I made of her, even offering assistance above and beyond the routine requirements of a real estate transaction in today’s very complex real estate market. 
Lauren put assisting me purchase my new home a top priority.  Without her diligence I wouldn’t be living here now.  She is truly committed to meeting her clients’ needs.  I am really glad I chose Lauren as my realtor and recommend her highly--you can absolutely count on her to work on your behalf."